Recycling Industry Grows Market Share

Product Recovery Industries grows its construction, civil & demolition market share to a third of all waste produced in Western Australia.

Since the acquisition of the largest recycling processing site in metropolitan Perth in January 2016; the Product Recovery Industries Pty Ltd. group of companies now has around a third of all Construction & Demolition waste processing in the state under Dept. of Environmental Regulation (DER) License in Perth.

Around Six Million tonnes of Construction, Civil & Demolition waste is generated in Perth every year. Representing around 50% of all the waste generated in the wider City by other commercial & municipal sectors. Approximately One Million tonnes are licensed to be processed at Product Recovery Industries sites in Perth.

The long term purchasing security provided to our clients via this large tonnage capacity & our strong supply chain, processing and recycle this waste in a licensed manner. This enables major projects that require these high levels of waste volumes to be processed to maintain our long term tendering and pricing structures. Without recycling & the use of recycled materials on our infrastructure & capital projects works, the increased cost to the private sector, tax payer & wider economy would be considerable. Not to mention the savings available to the wider environment & social benefits of less quarry trucks on the road.