Product Recovery Industries Pty Ltd is a West Australian, family run business that processes quality recycled materials from surplus inert material. Our licensed Material Recovery Facilities have been developed over the last 15 years. As a major transport & recycling company we service the Perth metropolitan area, collecting surplus loads & delivering recycled inert products that can be used in “cut & fill” earth works, civil drainage projects or on local government road works as a WALGA preferred supplier.

Attention to the quality of our inbound surplus material, enables us to produce quality outbound products. This is then sold to other recyclers, earth workers, transport & civil contractors, who value our quality road base, drainage rock & fill sand.

Product Recovery Industries is the largest inert recycling company in Western Australia. The site at 34 Jackson Street in Bayswater was purchased in January 2016; with its 500,000 tonne per year capacity to recycle surplus construction, civil & demolition inert materials.

We maintained the employment of the existing site’s workforce. Professionals with more than 15 years combined industry experience. This enabled us to grow relationships & diversifying our client base into the civil & demolition sectors. This new business unit complements the wider group’s company structure, which manages harder to process waste streams across the state from the commercial & industrial waste sectors.