We can wet hire plant & machines for the reprocessing of surplus material & concrete generated during the civils & demolitions works on your major project. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide the expertise to manage the equipment & staff for on-site crushing.

We provide screening machines, loaders, excavators & on-site crushing equipment for use in the civils & demolition sector. For larger mining specification equipment, we can negotiate great hire deals from our existing supply chain. By limiting the amount of truck & stockpile movements in and out of the project it increases productivity and reduces costs.

Many projects in the past have benefited from on-site crushing of demolition material, reducing the need to transport material off site and transport the required material back to site during the construction phase. If your site has around 5000 tonnes of concrete to crush it might be worth considering this service provision.

Considering On-site crushing is environmentally responsible, reduces dispose to landfill, saves transportation and provides an efficient alternative. Considerations must be made for machinery access on site; the material to be crushed needs to be stock piled in an area that is accessible to a front loader & the machinery.

What next?

Want to find out more about our On-site Crushing Service, ask a question or get a custom quote for your on-site crushing requirements. Contact us at the link below!

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