Recycled 19mm Road Base

Product Recovery Industries supplies quality Recycled Road Base, which we can deliver to your construction or civil site across Perth. Our road base can be manufactured to provide viable alternatives to sub base or base materials which are commonly manufactured from basic raw materials dug up from quarries. We provide Green House Gas savings, as well as dollar savings in the hip pocket when purchasing recycled materials; a truly sustainable product.

Our Road Base Material Size & Quality

Our Recycled Road Base consists of a uniformly blended mixture of coarse & fine aggregates; resulting from the crushing of recycled concrete & demolition materials.

Recycled Road Base Costs: For Delivery or Collection in Perth

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What next?

Want to find out more about our Recycled Road Base Supply & Delivery service? Download the current analysis information and/or the price list below. Or perhaps you want to ask a question, get a custom quote for your Road Base requirements or make an order. Contact us at the link below!

Typical Analysis