With a supply shortage of basic raw materials and quarry locations that tend to be on the outskirts of metropolitan Perth, the wider land development sector & civil construction industry are looking for viable alternative materials instead of depleting the basic raw materials available in Perth’s quarries.

Private companies, State / Local Government agencies & procurement professionals are being asked to be more accountable and consider the “triple bottom line” of each dollar spent. Exploring options of back loading when collecting recycled materials or diverting waste away from landfill. Is a key consideration when comparing the savings on recycled materials against quarried material & the disposal costs of inert materials.

The long term secured supply chain from a true “closed looped” recycled material, is a beneficial strategy when considering the alternatives. It’s costly to purchase these virgin “basic raw materials” as their supply & availability is depleting & transportation costs rise to drive further to quarries around the growing city.

Companies are seeking wider benefits at tender award stage when looking for key points of difference when reviewing tender selection criteria. Saving money & offering sustainable solutions to win more work.