Product Recovery Industries supplies quality Recycled Aggregate for use in Building and Construction. We deliver our Aggregate supply across Perth. We have become market leaders in producing a quality Aggregate from the recycling crushing process.

What can our Recycled Aggregate be used for?

Aggregate makes great drainage rock is often used for various purposes from gabion wall fill material, drainage in soak wells & as a pipe bedding material. This fast draining material has very little fine material in it and  can be used as a cheaper alternative to the builder sand often used for drainage & pipe bedding.

Our Aggregate Material Size & Quality

Our recycled aggregate pieces are around 25mm diameter in size. It is produced from the same clean inert inbound surplus C&D materials that our road base is crushed from. Different sized aggregate material can be made to order at for larger volume orders. Since the Aggregate we supply is manufactured from the same inbound inert material that we produce our road base from; the testing regime for environmental considerations can be used to confirm its quality in the Engineers certificate available on request. You can download the current quality Analysis from the ‘Downloads’ section on this page, and see the ‘Typical Analysis’ graph.

Recycled Aggregate Costs: For Delivery or Collection in Perth

Prices are available by clicking on the ‘Price List’ link.

What next?

Want to find out more about our Recycled Aggregate Supply & Delivery service? Download the current analysis information and/or the price list below. Or perhaps you want to ask a question, get a custom quote for your Aggregate requirements or make an order. Contact us at the link below!

Typical Analysis