Product Recovery Industries supplies quality Recycled Fill Sand, which we can deliver to your construction or civil site across Perth. Product Recovery Industries produce a quality assured sustainable & environmentally friendly Fill sand product, which also has a financial benefit over the alternatives of virgin basic raw material supply. Save money and ensure your construction business processes and materials are sustainable.

Why use recycled fill sand? What’s the benefit for your business?

  • Minimise costs AND time frames: Given the limited supply of virgin & basic raw materials nearby to Perth’s future needs for infill developments; our “Engineered Fill” recycled from the sand collected from civil & construction projects is a perfect way of reducing your costs for quality material needs, as well as minimising program time frames with shorter transport journey times to site, from our centrally located facilities in Bayswater near central Perth. More trucks moving each day means a quicker earthworks program of works with back loading options available from us on request.
  • Supply & Delivery cheaper than virgin fill sand: Given our materials’ cheaper price it can often be transported further distances for a similar price to the supply & delivery of basic raw materials dug up from quarries. We operate our own transport fleet & can obtain sub-contractor cartage quotes at very economical rates.
  • Offset the shortage of raw materials in the industry: The government estimates that we are currently under supplied in WA by the basic raw material markets from quarries, to the tune of around 5 million tonnes per year; against demand each year from land developments, new housing estates & civil works. We have Dept. Environmental Regulation licenses that enable us to process approximately 1,000,000 tonnes of inert materials each year over the state, helping off set the shortage in raw material supply and reducing the associated industry’s impact on increased greenhouse gas generation. Life Cycle Assessments carried out in Perth by the office of the Waste Authority, state that we can collect the surplus materials from site, process it at our material recovery facilities under strict testing regimes & quality assurance guidelines; then deliver it back to site for less Green House Gases than digging it out of the quarry and sending it to the site in the first place.
  • Government Grants & Environmental Accreditations: Environmental accreditations and government grants are often available for projects that use large volumes of this recycled material on their land developments and building projects.
  • More viable for smaller projects: The cheaper price of recycled fill sand allows a more viable financial option for smaller scale projects like filling up that redundant swimming pool.

What next?

Want to save money and ensure your construction business processes and materials are sustainable? Find out more about our Fill Sand Supply & Delivery service by downloading the current analysis information and/or the price list below. Or perhaps you want to ask a question, get a custom quote for your Fill Sand requirements or make an order. Contact us at the link below!

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