Product Recovery Industries Pty Ltd has the capacity to process & recycle around a third of all the surplus construction & demolition materials generated in Perth each year.

Our recycling infrastructure is well established with industry leading technologies & manufacturing systems to bring recycled products to market. Independent testing laboratories with the support of key industry stakeholders & engineers provide us with a high level of quality assurance.

Recycled road base manufactured at 34 Jackson Street has been used in major infrastructure projects & was adopted by Main Roads WA for use on the Gateway project & on the Great Eastern Highway Alliance.

Our client’s use our recycling facilities to mitigate their increasing cost of landfill levy. Also obtaining recycled products as the trend continues to grow to use these “closed looped” materials.

WA’s natural basic raw materials is finite, by processing surplus inert materials as a viable resource, rather than just wasting them; we conserve the supply of virgin materials & remove the need to dig more up. Separating the grades of different inert materials & sending them to us reduces the cost of processing & recycling, which in turn reduces the cost of disposal.