State Govenment Backs Recycling With Grant

State Government launches the RCPP. (Recycled Construction Product Program).
As part of the “closed loop” thinking around the continued use of recycled materials generated from Construction, Civil & demo waste in the state (which represents around half of all waste produced in Perth). The government has launched the RCPP grant scheme to encourage the use of recycled materials by specifiers, local government customers and the private sector. All you need to do is speak to a Licenced site that complies with the new end of waste guidelines for their material testing regime.

This $10 Million state grant was announced by the Minister for the Environment in September 2015 at the Waste Recycling Conference in Fremantle; with further details on how to claim the grant (up to $6 per tonne in pre-allocated funds for using recycled road base) released to the media in March 2016.

Why not contact us the leading suppliers of recycled materials in Perth to find out more information about the RCPP and if your project is able to claim the grant with its increased testing regime to generate some certainly that the quality material we supply complies with DER “End of Waste” guidelines. As industry leaders who were involved in the initial Dept. Environmental Regulation workshops in October 2014 on the new “End of Waste” guidelines. We can offer some suggestions as to how to avoid your project incurring extra risk & the potential of having it listed on its deed as Contaminated Land, when using an un-registered facility or poor recycling process to manage your inert waste material recycling needs on your future land development or civils works project.

Landfill Levy Increases

State Government increases landfill levy

When you landfill your waste you could potentially incur landfill levy charges in your supply chain.

In July 2016 this is climbing from $60 per m3 up to $75 per m3. By mid 2018 it’s going to be $105 per m3 in levy costs for your inert material to be sent to landfill. Or around $2,000 in tax / levy for a typical semi trailer load, paid by the landfill provider or by inadequate recycling processors to the state government, if you don’t dispose of your waste at a licenced Department of Environmental Regulation recycling facility with high recycling rates.

Contact us to help you save money and recycle your waste so you don’t have to pay landfill levy charges.
Click here to see the 2015 – 2018 government landfill levy media release.